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My ultimate goal is to help your team become the best version of itself. I focus on building programs that center around your team's collective vision, goals, and talents, while also taking into account the unique strengths and weaknesses of each member. I understand that what works for one team member may not work for another, so we create a custom curriculum tailored to your team as a whole. Together, we will establish what is needed to meet your team's needs, and I will be there to support and guide you every step of the way.




This cheerleading training camp is an intensive program designed to help teams master all aspects of the sport. The program includes training in stunts, pyramids, transition skills, jumps, motion technique, sidelines, and dance choreography. The training sessions are led by experienced coaches who provide expert guidance on how to execute these skills safely and effectively. The camp is ideal for athletes of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced athletes looking to perfect their technique.


During the training camp, cheerleaders will have the opportunity to work on their stunts, pyramids, and transition skills. The coaches will teach the proper techniques for these skills and provide tips on how to execute them flawlessly. Cheerleaders will also work on their jumps, mastering techniques as well as connected sequences. In addition, the training camp will cover motion technique, cheers and chants, sideline routines, and dance choreography to bring excitement and energy to the crowd. Overall, this cheerleading training camp offers a comprehensive program for cheerleaders to improve their skills and be ready for the season. 



2, 3, and 4 DAY OPTIONS

The skill training camp is a rigorous program designed for teams who want to improve their technique and master advanced skills. The focus of the camp is on stunts, pyramids, basket tosses, and jumps. Experienced coaches will guide cheerleaders through these challenging skills, providing individualized instruction and tips for improvement. Participants will have the opportunity to work on these skills in a safe and supportive environment, building their confidence and skillset.


The training camp also features choreographed sequences in stunts, pyramids, and jumps. These sequences are designed to challenge athletes and showcase their skills. Cheerleaders will have the opportunity to work on these sequences in small groups, refining their technique and improving their timing and execution. The camp is perfect for teams who want to take their skills to the next level prior to choreography season. 




This custom cheerleading camp is a unique and personalized program that is designed by a camp specialist and the coach. It is designed to meet the specific needs of each team and provide a comprehensive training experience. Coaches have the flexibility to prioritize their team's experience and create a custom schedule that fits their unique needs. The camp offers a range of sessions that can include skills training in stunts and pyramids, game performance routines, sidelines, dance choreography, or anything that a coach finds their team needs. With this personalized approach, each team can focus on the areas they need to improve upon to reach their goals.


Athletes will benefit from the expertise of experienced coaches who provide individualized instruction and feedback to help each cheerleader reach their goals. The training sessions are designed to be challenging yet fun, and is an excellent opportunity for teams to come together, build their skills, and work towards a common goal. With a focus on personalized instruction and flexibility, this camp is perfect for teams looking know exactly what they want out of a camp experience. 


2 DAY CAMP          $199 per athlete (13 or more)
                                     $2338 per team (12 or less)

3 DAY CAMP          $254 per athlete (13 or more)                                                                        $3028 per team (12 or less)

4 DAY CAMP          $299 per athlete (13 or more)                                                                        $3588 per team (12 or less)

Pricing includes travel and fees. 


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The beauty of Lori Lee's camps is its flexibility to be creative. 

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