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Lori Lee's international experience has been a thrilling and rewarding experience. She has traveled to seven different countries, including Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, and Russia, where she has offered her expertise in choreography and knowledge in technical skills to various cheerleading teams. She continues to work with international coaches through the virtual coaching program. Her travels have allowed her to gain a deeper understanding of different cultures, styles, and approaches to cheerleading.


As a former head judge at the ICU World Championships, Lori Lee brings a unique perspective to her coaching and training sessions. Her experience in judging international cheerleading competitions has given her a deep understanding of the needs and challenges faced by cheerleading teams around the world. Through her coaching and mentorship, she has helped teams improve their skills, refine their technique, and perfect their routines. Her dedication and passion for the sport have earned her a reputation as one of the most sought-after cheerleading coaches in the world.

Recognizing that training opportunities may not be as easily accessible for international teams as they are in the Americas, we have designed our international pricing models to provide these communities with the same opportunities available in the states without the financial burden.

Contact for international rates.


Take advantage or Lori Lee's 2023 international schedule to book a session or

simply talk about cheerleading over coffee at a local cafe.

Let's get together!

Central Europe - October 2023

Baltic Region - November 2023

Western Europe - December 2023

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