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Unleash Your Team's Potential with Custom Choreography Camps



This custom choreography camp offers teams the opportunity to receive a unique and innovative routine that highlights their skills in the most creative and engaging ways possible. The camp is led by experienced choreographers who work closely with the team to create a custom routine that maximizes their score sheet, trains certain skill sets, and highlights their talents. The choreography is completely unique and tailored to the team's specific strengths, ensuring that the routine is both challenging and achievable.


Teams will benefit from the expertise of the choreographers, who provide individualized instruction and feedback to help each member of the team perfect their technique and performance. This choreography camp is designed to be a fun and engaging experience that focuses on custom choreography and tailored instruction. Our routines stand out from others in the industry. 



This custom choreography camp is perfect for performance cheer and dance teams looking for a unique and exciting routine that showcases their abilities and musicality. Our experienced choreographers work closely with each team to create a custom routine that fits their style and personality, ensuring that the routine is both challenging and achievable. With options for freestyle pom, hip hop, or jazz, our routines stand out above the rest and are designed to maximize your team's technical skills and performance quality.

Our choreographers take into consideration the technical skills and abilities of each team member, as well as their style and personality, to create a routine that not only showcases their unique talents but also maximizes score sheets. 



Game Day Division is an exciting part of the cheerleading world that focuses on enhancing the overall game day experience for spectators and team members in a competitive setting. This division allows teams to showcase their skills in a variety of categories including band dance, situational sideline cheers, and timeout routines while we incorporate stunts, tumbling and other technical aspects. Our custom choreography camp is the perfect opportunity for teams to prepare for Game Day Division, as our experienced choreographers will work closely with each team to create a routine that highlights their unique strengths and showcases their crowd leading skills.


Our choreography camp for Game Day Division is designed to provide teams with a comprehensive understanding of the various categories they will be judged on. 


$4720 per routine (16 or less)

$295 per athlete (16 or more)    

All choreography camps are 3 days in length to ensure that all routines are seamless and maximize team skills. 

All fees include travel and applicable fees.

Custom music is not included. 

One of the most impressive aspects of our camp was the Lori Lee’s attention to detail. Every movement, every gesture, and every expression was carefully choreographed to create a cohesive and compelling routine that did very well at maxing out scoresheets across the country. 

Gemma - High School Coach - Colorado, USA

Break Dancer

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