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Lori Lee Mendieta is a successful entrepreneur and founder of United Spirit Sports of America, a private camp company offering cheerleading and dance skills and choreography. Her leadership has led to over 400+ programs winning national championship titles. One of her most notable contributions to the cheerleading industry is the development of the Advantage System, which is widely used by cheerleaders worldwide.


After founding United Spirit Sports of America, Lori served as the managing partner and Director of Events at Twisted Cheer and Dance. She played an integral role in the company's growth, hosting two events in its first year and rounding out fifteen national and international events. Lori's extensive background in scoring enabled her to develop the "Twisted International Scoring Process," which was used by Twisted Events and adopted by international cheerleading organizations such as The New Zealand Cheerleading Union, COP Brands (Mexico), Cheer Pros (USA), Full Out Cheer Championships (USA), The CheerLeader Magazine Championships (USA), and The All Star Games (USA), until the transition to the ICU scoring systems. She also pioneered the development and integration of Twisted Electronic Scoring System (TESS). Through Twisted, Lori co-founded The All Star Games, the world's first aerial sporting event that revolutionized the cheerleading and martial arts tricking arenas. For the All Star Games, Lori co-created the All Star Games Electronic Scoring (AGES) and developed its philosophy. As part of the development team for the All Star Games Federation, she organized the principles, regulations, membership criteria, and structure.


Lori's talent and experience in cheerleading and dance are extensive. She cheered and danced with the national championship cheer and dance teams at the University of Kentucky. While in Lexington, she also danced for the American Hockey League's Kentucky "ThoroughBabes" Dance Team. Her professional dance team experience began with the National Basketball Association's Atlanta Hawks. She was the Head Dance Team Coach at Georgia Tech (NDA 4th place), and Assistant Cheer Coach (NCA-3rd Place).


Aside from her contributions to the cheerleading world, Lori has choreographed and performed in various industrials. She choreographed two Liberty Bowl Halftime Shows in 2009 and 2010 with singers Eddie Money and Sara Evans. In addition, she choreographed the Gator Bowl Halftime Shows (2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2015, and 2019). Lori also taught master classes at the BCS Sugar Bowl, and hosted the Gator Bowl Cheerleading Championship (2017-2019). She danced with P. Diddy Combs for his The Saga Continues Tour and was a featured dancer in TLC's Girl Talk video. Lori also choreographed alongside SAG Award-winning Director Bob Clark for the Garage Musicals movie Petunia, and for Brown Entertainment musical sensation Incredible Crew. Additionally, Lori is credited with commercial work for Apple, Coca-Cola, KFC, BGA Entertainment, and Dance Crash on the Oprah Winfrey Network.


Lori Lee Mendieta's passion for cheerleading and dance has inspired her to empower coaches and athletes with the tools of safety and creativity to technical elements through camps and choreography. Her pioneering efforts in the development and integration of electronic scoring systems have revolutionized the industry, making her a respected figure in the industry.

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